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Eating For Energy

Most of us are guilty of eating for pleasure or out of habit at one point or another. You should concentrate instead on eating for energy because, after all, the reason we eat food is to fuel ourselves. Eating for energy means feeling your best at all times throughout the day. Think about how you feel after a healthy meal compared to how you feel after a trip to a fast food restaurant. The difference is amazing, and what you put into your body will also reflect in your looks.... [Read more]

Regain that Lost Energy

Several recent research reports from the 2010 American Dietetic Association annual meeting finally provide some science behind common myths about how best to regain that lost energy. First, researchers asked what the best type of food was to give people a sustained energy boost. It turns out that a protein with balanced amounts of carbohydrates sustains energy better than carbohydrate alone, and the worst is to reach for a sugary candy bar or energy drink according to the work... [Read more]

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    Going Green? – Solar Panels Explained

    What Are Solar Panels? Solar panels are specially designed panels that absorb solar energy, which is then transformed into electricity. They are usually used as part of a solar system in homes or businesses as eco-friendly sources of energy. In essence, solar power panels, also called PV panels, are... [Read more]

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    Sun Solar Energy 101

    Sun solar energy is the perfect choice for those who love the planet and old houses. However, these homes pose a big dilemma – energy conservation and architecture preservation. But how exactly does energy conservation meet architecture? In this article, we would like to give you some insights on solar energy and architecture in olden times. Don’t point your finger to old houses. These homes are not the problem. The whole world’s energy crises is not caused mainly... [Read more]

    Solar Panels Leicester: Install Yourself

    Ample of benefits are the reasons of increasing demand of solar panels Leicester. Solar panels are popularly known as solar photovoltaic cells that capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. The good thing about these cells is that they don’t need direct sunlight to work. These are so useful because they work properly even though there is din... [Read more]

    Energy Price Increase

    The energy companies have made it clear that we are on the brink of yet another hike in energy prices and this coupled with the colder weather conditions we can expect as winter steadily approaches will leave many seriously out of pocket. Worse than this, energy companies have also warned that price increases will become common place as fuel sources run ever lower. So... [Read more]

    Definition Of Nursing Practice

    Nursing practice is an act of providing care to the patients. In providing care to the patients, the nurses implement a nursing care plan which is based on initial condition of the patient. It is based on a specific nursing theory. Following nursing theory and nursing research side by side is a must for patient care and nursing practice. Nurse Practice Act ascertains... [Read more]